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Here are just some of the solutions we can create for you.

We, at Astute Solutions, are happy to provide our customers with unique and up-to-date web applications.

We work around the globe with all types of business's operating in areas of sports, recruiting, catering, garments, real estate, education and non-profit community based networks. Situated in the business hub of Lahore, Pakistan, we are committed to providing excellence for every IT solutions.

  • Logo Design

    Those who want to be ahead of their competitors in the business world know the importance of a company logo. Since logo is the first thing anyone notices, it automatically becomes part of the company’s marketing plan and therefore needs to

  • Membership Websites

    Membership sites have recently gained popularity among online publishers. If you search on the internet you find many software applications and plug-ins that allow a site owner to build and manage a membership website. However, these

  • E-Commerce Websites

    Astute Solutions has an established clientele when it comes to providing state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions to businesses of all sizes. The experience of working with clients from all over the world with diverse business needs has led us to

  • Mobile Apps

    Serving for both platforms, IOS and Android, doing high quality custom native mobiles apps that are not only functionality intensive but also perform above par.

  • User Interface Design

    When a computer application is developed, the first thing that its user comes in contact with is the user interface. It may sound simple at first, but designing a user interface involves a complex procedure comprising of many steps.

  • Facebook Fanpage Design

    If you have a website or a business that needs promotion, making a Facebook fan page is the best way to achieve your goal. There are many reasons why individuals and companies create their fan pages on Facebook that include updating your

  • Social Media Design

    Each day social networks are gaining in popularity all around the world and as of today around 68% of online population visits them every day. You guessed it. These networks are comprised of websites like MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook,

  • Off-Shelf Products

    We have ready to use products for online sales, restaurants, hospitals, schools and all kind of templates based sites to give you a quick turnaround time on your projects.

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